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516Desperate Entry one-Latitude and longitude

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  • suzannewlamb
    Mar 30, 2003
      1. I am trying to determine what the Big Idea in Science is for
      Latitude and longitude. I am also trying to link it to the National
      Science Standards and cannot find one that it links to. This is
      starting to freak me out!!!!! I know someone mentioned they used
      latitude and longitude for entry one- Designing Science Instruction.
      Please help and reassure me this is an acceptable concept to use.
      2. For Instructional Resources- (not submitted activity) I had
      students create a brochure for a trip around the world(5 places)-
      giving coordinates and direction traveled to get from one location
      to another. Should I include the rubric and sample from a student?

      Video entry- can I say in analysis prior top the video or after the
      video, student said, "......."

      I am in panic mode right now- any advice would be very helpful!!!!