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379Re: [EASCI] I need help on entry 4!

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  • thudson128@aol.com
    Nov 3, 2002
      Don't panic! You can do Entry 4.  I am waiting for my results with crossed fingers and a hopeful heart, but whatever my scores this time, the NBPTS experience has been a great professional developement experience.
      A NBPTS certified teacher in my county helped me with my Entry 4.  She stressed that whatever you present, your documented accomplishments must demonstrate measurable student success and ongoing two way communication between parents and yourself.
      For example:
      My first documented accomplishment centered on communication with student families.  I documented all my contacts, including my parent phone/communication log as evidence.  If you do not do a monthly newsletter home, get busy.  Be sure that you provide parents an opportunity to respond to what you have written.  I use a tear off form for comments on the back and offer homework passes for those students who return it complete with parent comments and signature!  Pick a unit compare the pre and post test scores of those students with increased parental participation as indicated by written contact, phone contact, classroom volunteering, participation in "home-work" labs, etc.   Make sure that you can support measured, increased student performance.  Have students rotate a "take-home" class journal that details the events of your class.  Parents sign and comment on the day's activities.  
      I hope this helps a little - I bet you'll be surprised at what all you do as you begin to list and document your involvement with your students and their familes.  Good Luck
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