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  • v1945@aol.com
    Jan 3, 2002
      The sequence sounds logical to me, and all three seem different enough to be
      considered teaching the same concept, but from different angles, and using
      different strategies so all students may grasp the concept.
      One concern is that the first assessment is a lab and not a written test.

      (I interpret it to be a lab from your description) I have a friend that used
      a written assessment as one of his three lessons and received a low score.
      Does the cloning section have the students using technology, or only
      discussing technology. The portfolio requirements have changed and I am not
      sure what your requirements are regarding technology.
      I discovered that in the portfolio that I reworked, I needed to select
      students who "needed help" and not a top student as I did the first year.
      This gave me something to analyze and to improve on each student's learning.
      I used the reebops activity when I taught 8th grade and genetics was in
      my curriculum. This was a great activity and students really enjoyed it!

      As long as they build on each other, go for it!!!!

      In a message dated 12/29/01 6:47:24 PM Eastern Standard Time,
      kathyjferrell@... writes:

      << Help!! I am in the midst of choosing student samples for Entry
      1. The big idea that I am using is genetics and inhereited traits.
      The three samples are a short assessment (early in the unit)
      using a gardening situation and peas; the second is a socratic
      seminar (class discussion) on cloning (that is my technology
      element) and the last is a hands on activity called making
      reebops where students choose chromosomes and put
      together marshmallow creatures. I am worried about do these
      showing such a different part of genetics instead of being a
      progression. They all build on the others and of course there is
      a lot more to the unitl.

      Any ideas or thoughts?

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