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  • ccrisp2
    Dec 11, 2001
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      --Hi! I live in South Carolina and I passed on the first time. I
      teach 8th grade Science.The main focus is Earth Science. My scores on
      Entry 1, 2, and 6 were 3.0; Entry 4 and 5 were 2.75( just did
      pass);and Entry 3 was 3.375. I'm here to help if I can. I can tell
      you what I did the different Entries on and how I went about doing it
      if you want. Just remember know the National Science Standards ...
      get a copy of the book...( and of course the NBPTS standards) and
      when you write your Entries intergrate their language with yours.
      Join a cohort group. It doesn't matter if the others are not
      Science. Mine weren't. Do not try it alone! If possible, have a
      NBCertified Teacher read your work!! I did and I cannot tell you how
      much it helped! Remember focus on higher order process skills and
      science process skills, not remembering science facts!! Good Luck to
      everyone, Cindy - In EASCI@y..., <rmikell2@n...> wrote:

      > HELP HELP HELP!!!
      > I live in Philadelphia, MS and need to work on Entrie 2 and 3.
      > PLEAAAAAAAASE help me with these entries. I am absolutely lost
      > on Entry 2, and in fact thought that one was pretty good!!. On
      > Entry 3, I am confused as to just what they were looking for. I
      > be glad to meet with you at your convenience and whereever would be
      > the best for you to meet. I could really use someone who passed
      > entries to give me some ideas and would you consider to read my
      > entries and tell me what I need to do to them. I need to at least
      > bring my scores up to 3.0+!! YIKES!! I made 1.25 on each of these
      > entries and they were read by previous assessors, email buds who
      > passed these entries with near 4s, language arts teachers, and even
      > wife!!!! They all said they looked good and covered the things
      > for. OH WEEEEEEEEELLLLLLL! Please respond to this at
      > rmikell2@n... that is my workhorse computer!!! Thanks for
      > anything that you decide. HAVE A GREAT DAY!!
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