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312Re: [EASCI] Here to Help

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  • v1945@aol.com
    Dec 11, 2001
      I would be glad to try to help you. I live in Ohio, so face to face meeting
      would be rather difficult. I banked the first year, and needed only 5 points
      to become certified. I reworked my #1and gained more than enough points to
      reach the golden number.
      My year required 6 portfolios, and 4 90 minute tests.

      Are you on this regime or the 4 portfolio, 6 30 minute tests? If you are on
      the second regime, I would need the requirements copied and mailed, snail
      mail, to know the specific requirements.
      I needed to use a different science lesson that the first year, do you?
      You could email me and attach your entry to my school address:
      as I download documents much faster there. Then I could make suggestions, but
      remember, I am not an assessor, just a fellow teacher.

      THIS IS DOABLE, if I was able to do it!!!! Hope I can help! Good luck!
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