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309Re: [EASCI] Here to Help

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  • rmikell2@netdoor.com
    Dec 10, 2001
      I live in Philadelphia, MS and need to work on Entrie 2 and 3.
      PLEAAAAAAAASE help me with these entries. I am absolutely lost
      on Entry 2, and in fact thought that one was pretty good!!. On
      Entry 3, I am confused as to just what they were looking for. I would
      be glad to meet with you at your convenience and whereever would be
      the best for you to meet. I could really use someone who passed these
      entries to give me some ideas and would you consider to read my
      entries and tell me what I need to do to them. I need to at least
      bring my scores up to 3.0+!! YIKES!! I made 1.25 on each of these
      entries and they were read by previous assessors, email buds who
      passed these entries with near 4s, language arts teachers, and even my
      wife!!!! They all said they looked good and covered the things asked
      for. OH WEEEEEEEEELLLLLLL! Please respond to this at
      rmikell2@... that is my workhorse computer!!! Thanks for
      anything that you decide. HAVE A GREAT DAY!!
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