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17Re: July 1 getting organized

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  • Yvette Laughlin
    Jul 3, 1999
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      Hi Mary Jo,
      Just a quick note in answer to your question.
      Right now I am studying furiously for the AC center. I go on July 15.
      First of all, don't let the 179 pages bother you. It adds up rather quickly.
      In fact, you will probably end up with too many pages per entry and have to
      cut things out.
      As far as the lessons that I taped. I taped everything. I had a video camera
      set up in my room as soon as I got all my student permission slips back.
      Whenever you have a chance, you can review the tapes and anything that you
      may think is usable, keep it. Otherwise, tape over it. One of the tapes I
      did submit was a lab over the states of matter. It was not a planned tape,
      but it worked out to be just what I needed. If you tape all the time, the
      kids are not acting silly. They might the first few times, but it gets to be
      a routine and they think nothing of it.
      Best Wishes,
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      Date: Thursday, July 01, 1999 8:38 PM
      Subject: [EASCI] July 1 getting organized

      >From: mkohunsky@...
      >Greetings to all!
      >I just received my box, and am curious about what methods of organization
      have worked for various candidates. If I don't get off on the right foot
      during the summer, I may get mired in paper without a plan!
      >Also,what kinds of lessons did/do you plan to tape? Labs might be good for
      small group interactions, but those are really hard to tape.
      >I hope this will be an active list, since we are all in the same
      discipline. (I teach ninth grade chem I and physics I - one semester each).
      >I am eager to get any suggestions you might have for me as I get going.
      (The posting on the NBPTS chat board about a 179-page portfolio does have me
      worried, though!)
      >Mary Jo
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