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157Re: [EASCI] Entry 2,4

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  • Robert Mikell
    Nov 5, 2000
      sybil landreth wrote:

      > As an EA-Science candidate-in-waiting: entries 2 & 4 were very different
      > in 1999-2000. #4 was a video entry using small groups. #2 was was
      > centered around different modes of assessment. Please clarify if this is
      > still the mode for 2000-2001. If so, I will be glad to share. I was also
      > an assessor before becoming a candidate....in another category. I would
      > also be interested in what support, if any, you have in your geographic
      > area. This has been and continues to be a major plus when available.
      > Good luck. And to all those joining me in the waiting - anybody got the
      > authorization for Prozac-on-a-stick from mental health yet????????
      > Sybil
      > rmikell2@... wrote:
      > >
      > > I am really confused on the Entry 2 and 4. Any and all ideas on this
      > > would be greatly appreciated. I am a learner by example and simply
      > > reading a few directions really throws me sometimes!! Thanks for any
      > > help. Lets get some more collaboration going on here. Mr. Mikell
      > >

      These entries are the same. Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated.
      Have a good day and THANKS. Mr. Mikell
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