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1568Re: [EASCI] communication for entry 4

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  • Regena Sizemore
    Jan 5, 2008
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      I involved my local garden club in helping my students beutify (flowers, shrubs, soil) a veterans memorial on school property.  It brought our science lessons about plants to life and it thrilled the garden club and the local American Legion. 
      I also used guest speakers in the classroom.  I brought a state troopper who  investigates accidents to talk to the student during our unit on force & motion, an opthamologist and dentist during our anatomy unit.  There are people from your community and even parents who could share their skills with the students.
      If you have a local college or junior college they are also a good resource.  I did a joint project with one in my area to test local well water. (rural community)
      I hope this has given you some ideas.

      "rachel.valcin" <rachel.valcin@...> wrote:
      Do you have some great ideas for activities that show community
      involvement beside parent night?

      Regena Sizemore

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