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1550Re: It's Nov. 1...and I'm just lost getting started

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  • Lori
    Dec 2, 2007
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      --- In EASCI@yahoogroups.com, "Kfloamy" <kfloamy@...> wrote:
      > can anyone help me?? Is it too late for me??

      I don't think I would be of much help. I passed but by the 'skin of my
      teeth'. But, it's not too late - I started at the end of December last
      year (for a portfolio due date of March 31st). It was grueling and
      while I had some folks to support me, most were about the Middle
      Child-Generalist. I did use two books and found them very helpful.
      These are "Accomplished Teaching" (I used the first edition) and the
      NBPTS Workbook (check them out at Amazon).

      I have to share my experience on the video-entries. For one, done in
      February (after many false starts), I spent hours and hours on the
      reviewing of the selected portion and on the writing. I had colleagues
      review my written entry. For the other, I just ran out of time. First,
      I didn't record it until the middle of March (yikes!!!) and I didn't
      leave enough time for the writeup. So, I figured I'd have to re-do
      this one and focused all my time on the others. I did write up a 'bare
      bones' entry as I didn't want them to judge my overall submittal
      incomplete. I wrote the whole entry in just a few hours, just glancing
      at what the NBPTS said was required. Well, I got a higher score on
      this one than on the one I spent dozens of hours on. I didn't do great
      on either - the scores were 2.25 and 2.5. BUT, I think I got a higher
      score for two reasons: my writing was clear and direct. I just said
      what worked and what didn't in basic terms; second, my students were
      much better at running the discussions by this time, and they really
      talked to each other and I didn't have to keep directing and
      re-directing the discussion.

      My 'documented accomplishments' got a 3.0 - and I think the reason why
      it wasn't higher was my family contact evidence only spanned one year.

      If you want more detail about what I did and didn't do, visit my web
      site and you may find a way to get more in touch with me.
      scienceforall com

      It was a great experience and I did learn a lot about what works with
      my teaching and what needs improving.
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