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  • Mary Jo Kohunsky
    Jun 24, 1999
      Congratulations on finishing the AC!
      I read your e-mail about studying for section 4 on misconceptions. How did you know to study for that? Did you know the topics of the ac questions ahead of time?
      My box has still not arrived. I am starting work on Documented accomplishments on Monday, so wish me luck.
      Mary Jo
      please reply to mkohunsky@...,

      <<< Ann Min <amin@...> 6/22 8:15p >>>
      From: Ann Min <amin@...>


      I found the time limit not to be a problem. I finished with enough time
      to go back over my answer to make corrections. I didn't feel I needed
      anything other that my standards book. Take your breaks, you feel
      refreshed before starting the next section. I typed all my answers, the
      computers were easy to use. I'm a Mac person and didn't have any
      trouble using the PC's.

      Look over teacher's editions that give thematic unit tie-ins. That will
      help with section 3. Section 4 on misconceptions - I studied things
      like discrepent events and that is not what the section is about. It's
      about teaching a concept, checking to see what the kids have learned, to
      find out they didn't get the point and how are you going to go back an
      reteach to get the point across.

      Ann Min

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