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1471RE: [EASCI] Re: Assessment Center

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  • Sara Sara
    May 1, 2007
      The test was very stressful and I was a nervous wreck after I finished.  The one text book I did not read up on, and I had it but never took the time to read, my second question came straight from 6th grade science.
      Good look,  time yourself.  30 minutes feels like 5 and know the promps by memory.  I knew the 6 but still caught myself reading what a 4 required.  I think now that I have experienced the pressure and the format of the assessment, I would do better next time.   

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      Date: Sun, 29 Apr 2007 03:44:20 +0000
      Subject: [EASCI] Re: Assessment Center

      How did your test go? Do you have any advice for me now? I test in
      Shawn--- In EASCI@yahoogroups. com, "saraellon" <saraellon@. ..> wrote:
      > I take the test in 2 weeks. Last month I found information on the
      > web site. It gave retired prompts as examples and a practice site
      > the format of the test. Hope that helps.
      > SARA
      > --- In EASCI@yahoogroups. com, "Lori" <ltheroux@> wrote:
      > >
      > > Hi,
      > > Any wisdom in how to prepare for this? I've been looking for any
      > > of background, wisdom, and have yet to find any.
      > >
      > > Am I able to narrow my fields of expertise in any way, or will I
      > > to show content knowledge in ALL the science strands?
      > >
      > > Do they send out a list of suggested readings? (My district
      > > person said she got one, but her cert was literature.) And no one
      > > my district has gone for the science cert in many years, it seems.
      > >

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