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  • Jeanne Elliott
    Apr 7, 2007
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      I used the topics and then went through the standards and made sure I was familiar with ALL content.  If there was background I was totally unfamiliar with I reviewed it.  I looked up sites on ALL big ideas and new examples fore each one.  I went through textbooks and websites on common student misconceptions.  I never found a focus.  I concentrated on my weaknesses and worked from there.  GOOD LUCK!!

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      I take the test in 2 weeks. Last month I found information on the NB
      web site. It gave retired prompts as examples and a practice site for
      the format of the test. Hope that helps.

      --- In EASCI@yahoogroups. com, "Lori" <ltheroux@.. .> wrote:
      > Hi,
      > Any wisdom in how to prepare for this? I've been looking for any kind
      > of background, wisdom, and have yet to find any.
      > Am I able to narrow my fields of expertise in any way, or will I have
      > to show content knowledge in ALL the science strands?
      > Do they send out a list of suggested readings? (My district resource
      > person said she got one, but her cert was literature.) And no one in
      > my district has gone for the science cert in many years, it seems.

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