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  • Yvette Laughlin
    May 4, 2000
      I am going in circles.
      I called the 1-800-226-7958  number to schedule a retest date for EA/Science as per our instructions on page 13  of the "Assessment Center Orientation Booklet".
      I was told they are unable to schedule for Tulsa for some reason. They gave me a local number of 918-249-0820 to call. I told them our instruction say Do Not call the local test center as local centers are not able to schedule retest appointments. I was told this was my only option. I called that number and get a recording with another number 1-800-967-1100 to call. I called that number and was told they received a letter from NBPTS (reading it to me over the phone) saying they were not allowed to schedule retake exercises, that Sylvan would be calling me to schedule.
      Also they told me their records show I need to take the entire test, not just a portion.
      I don't think this makes much sense. Is there any help out there? Is anyone else having the same problem?