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1136Re: [EASCI] Re: Exercise 2 - Interrelationships

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  • Annette Holder
    Nov 23 6:56 AM
      I agree totally with "the science teacher" I scored well here and that is exactly what I did too.
      Annette Holder NBCT '04

      thescienceteacher <sciquest2000@...> wrote:
      I am going to be very carefull here in discussing assessment center
      excercises. So... hopefully you read the scoring criteria for this
      excercise BEFORE you took the test:

      Criteria for Scoring:Based on the 2004 portfolio Scoring Guide
         To satisfy the highest level of the scoring rubric, your
      responses must provide clear, consistent, and convincing evidence of
      the following:
        1.  a detailed explanation of the two scientific concepts; and
        2.  an accurate and thorough explanation or the interrelationships
      that exits between the two concepts.
        You are given 3 prompts.  Two of which you were to provide and
      explanation of the terms: To me personally that meant to explain it
      like I do to students that never heard the terms.
        The third prompt was to explain the significant relationships that
      exits between the two terms.
         Think about how you would teach your students this concept other
      than maybe a textbook definition????

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