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1094Re: NBC assessors

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  • tsunamiscience
    Oct 22, 2005
      In 2002-2003,I went to workshop where assessors spoke in generalities.
      He said that they sit in front of a TV with headphones on. They read
      the entry, watch the video, and re-read the entry. They put a tally
      mark every time they see/hear something that meets one of the
      standards. The example he used was "knowledge of student". "I ask my
      ESL student simple questions to practice is English skills" Remember
      they are not expecting network news videography. They are expecting to
      hear the students clearly. They are expecting that you follow the
      directions. They don't care if the microphone is literally passed
      between students. They do care if they cannot hear the children.
      Remember, they are teachers also. They take this task very seriously
      and try to eke out every point possible for you Madge in FL EA/Sci 2003
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