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1036Re: Just beginning National Board Certification Process

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  • thescienceteacher
    Jun 8, 2005
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      Hopefully your state offers meetings for national board candidates.
      If you aren't sure, you need to call your state department of
      education and ask if there are any support groups. At support groups
      you will probably be able to see sample of portfolios from successful
      candidates. This helped me alot when I was going through the process.
      Also by now, you should have downloaded your portfolio instructions.
      There are sections that will tell you what materials are needed to
      video tape your classrooms, microphone suggestions, and yada,yada. I
      had other volunteer teachers that gave up their planning periods to
      video tape my classroom.
      1. Think about your strong areas of interests in teaching and write
      on those.
      2. Don't try to start on new programs. I did do this but it was
      nerve racking.
      3. Note the core propostions for EACH entry and use them.
      4. Become familiar with the National Science Standards---use them in
      regard to your teaching context.
      5. ALWAYS Answer the questions they ask of you when you are

      You might want to exam Entry 1 and Entry 4. There are no video tapes
      required for any of these. Entry 4 is about your professionalism
      over the past 5 years(if they haven't changed this time span). I
      would start to gather my documents and if you have any examples of
      student work that spport your successes during this time frame--- get
      started! Of course you won't be able to complete all of entry 4 this
      As far as organization, I did this. I bought 4 paper folders one for
      each entry. Then I placed the entire instructions inside. This was a
      quick reference book while I was working on that particular entry. I
      underlined key and revelant requirements. The Do's as well as the Do
      Not's. When the directions say do it--- you had better. When the
      directions say don't do this--- you had better.

      But remember there is still other important information in your
      portfolio that also must be followed so I kept this in a separate
      binder for reference.
      Each candidate found there own unique way to help them stay on top of

      Nonetheless, welcome and we are hear to help in anyway.

      Yours truly,
      Eleonore Dennis, Oklahoma NBCT 2004
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