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1035RE: [EASCI] Just beginning National Board Certification Process

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  • newkirk linda
    Jun 7, 2005



      What state are you in?   You can download all the information from the National Board Certification web site.


      http://www.nbpt.org    go to candidate resources, and then to 2005 candidate information, then go to click here to access Portfolio instructions scroll down to Science Early Adolescence Certificate


      Make sure to download and print off everything:  this will take awhile and about 500 plus pages



      Getting Started


      Entry 1

      Entry 2

      Entry 3

      Entry 4

      Pack and Ship

      Major Areas in Science


      Make sure you download and print 2005-2006 Addendum to Portfolio Instructions.


      Then scroll to the top of the page at the web site and click on downloads and scroll down to Science and download and print off Scoring Guide.  This is important because this will help you with to see how your entries will be scored.  The assessors use these guidelines when scoring your entries.


      Then scroll to the bottom of the page and print off the Miscellaneous Forms


      Make sure you follow the guidelines for the portfolio instructions, each year the directions may change some.  I know when I scored entry 4 you could have more pages for accomplishments and documentations than when I went through the process.


      Here are some helpful guidelines and advised I used:


      1. This is doable, just take time to plan ahead and start now
      2. You are not alone! Use the support system around you( school district, mentor candidates, national board resources and this web site) Have someone read each of your entries and view the videos ( It is best to have an outside reader(s))
      3. As you are handing out your syllabus/rules at the beginning of the year hand out the release forms, have them signed and returned. Then keep them in a notebook.
      4. So that you do not get overwhelmed this advised helped me

      ·         Read over introduction, getting started, resources and  portfolio instructions over the summer

      ·         Create a notebook for each entry then place copies of all the forms, instructions and scoring guides for that entry in that notebook

      ·         The BOX may not arrive until late September or October ( So use the information you downloaded from the web site to get started)

      ·         Check with the National Board web site for changes and updates

      ·         Plan on spending a month (4-5 weeks on an entry)


                 Example:  this is just an example you can do them in any order.


                        - First couple of weeks of school work on release forms and notifying parents you are going through the

             process and set up a camera so students will get comfortable with a camera in the room.

      -          September Entry 3 Inquiry Through Investigation 20 minute—Video

      -          October-November   Entry 4    Accomplishments and Documentations

      -          December   make corrections and rewrites 

      -           I made copies for all the forms for each entry and filled in all the information (postdate them) this takes awhile so do this ahead of time.

      -          January   Entry 1 Designing Science Instruction

      -          February  Entry 2 Probing Student Understanding 20 minute – video

      -          March      make corrections and rewrites

      -                         Prepare to pack and ship

      -          celebrate your done with the portfolio entries

      -          April or May      begin studying for the assessment test (Take online tutorial)

      -                                  Practice typing and study each assessment question

      -                                  Set up test date

      -          April - June        Test

      -          wait until November for results


      Good Luck Wendy and if you have any questions just email.


      Note:  new email address staring July 18





      Linda Newkirk

      Union 8th Grade Center

      Earth Science



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      I am about to start the National Board Certification Process and
      wondered if anyone has any advice and/or help they can give me on
      writing the papers, doing the video, etc.  Are there any examples of
      papers that I can look at anywhere to see what a good paper looks like
      for each of the assessments?  Any help will be appreciated!  Thanks!
      Wendy Bramlett
      Eastwood Middle School

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