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ambulance bays and where to find the right medical treatment with your POV. Was "On using personally owned vehicle - POV"

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  • Bethoc (Lesley)
    Greetings   (putting her emergency nurse hat on)   Brian the Green said.. *snipped* Things to remember when doing it: [using a POV] - Know where you are
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      (putting her emergency nurse hat on)
      Brian the Green said..
      Things to remember when doing it: [using a POV]

      - Know where you are going...
      - Know where to get in... the emergency entrance by the ambulances and not the regular front door
      for clarification, most emergency departments that accept amublances have a separate drive up entrance for medical vehicles. Paramedics do not appreciate pulling into their ambulance bay to find it blocked by a civilian vehicle. There is usually a patient drop off area at the emergency entrance door, often with a short (less than ten minute) parking space. Please read the appropriate signage and park your car where it should be and for the appropriate length of time.
      I would also caution that if someone is too much in pain or too sick and cannot walk (sprained ankles not withstanding.. no pun intended) if you were to enter the hospital's main entrance door accidentally, then the patient/casualty/victim/person/term of choice may be too sick to be delivered to the hospital in a POV. Even broken limbs causing severe pain can be treated with very strong drugs enroute to hospital (and any femur injury and certain kinds of tib/fib injuries really should go by ambulance for various reasons).
      Finally, I work in both an emergency and an urgent care department. Many many times people are brought to an urgent care (enhanced walk in clinic) with serious problems that really should be seen in an emergency department. Their personal reasons for doing so range from ignorance of the difference, to convient locale, to the expectation of a lower wait time, etc. It makes things very tricky, and sometimes unfortunate, for the staff of an urgent care centre to deal with serious problems that really should be dealt with in an emergency department. So again I caution that if you feel the person is too ill to be seen by what is essentially a walk-in clinic, or their injuries are complicated (like possible serious spinal trauma or compound/multiple fractures that could require surgery) please consider which destination this person belongs in.
      and now I step down off of my post-work soapbox.
      Live healthy and play safe
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