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Re: Scenario 2; part 1

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  • shannon carswell
    ... head to the yelling and are met a few steps from your table by a gentlemen who states, They ve cut themself. You have to hurry. It s really bad. There s
    Message 1 of 9 , Feb 13, 2009

      > Suddenly you hear someone yelling for a chirugeon. Getting up you
      head to the yelling and are met a few steps from your table by a
      gentlemen who states, "They've cut themself. You have to hurry. It's
      really bad. There's blood everywhere!"
       1. What do you do first?
          Find my First aid kit and if I am with friends maybe ask a non involved third party to come with in case I need a calm person to do gopher duty (call 911, get the autocrat, etc etc).
      2. What are you thinking?
          Mostly trying to remember what ninka taught me in first aid :P.  (kidding) Seriously, mostly about how to keep everyone calm, remembering treatment for shock and about what bandages I have available.
      3. How do you approach this incident?
       Again calmly, checking for hazards, number of people, potential causes, and first impressions of injured person (are they laying down, up and talking?)
       When you arrive at the classroom you see about 10 people all
      crowded around someone sitting on a chair. When you finally make
      your way through to the casualty you see a middle-aged gentleman
      (approx. 40 yrs old) who is currently holding his forearm and hand
      close to his chest with what appears to be a white veil wrapped
      around his arm. You do notice blood on the veil. You notice that
      there is blood on the floor at his feet as well as some on his

      1. What is your first assessment? What are you looking for?
       First ABC, He is concious so A, and B are covered and as to C well his heart is definetly beating... but the wound is obviously a comprimise for circulation.  I would check amount of blood , if there is a puddle, I am having my gopher call 911, better safe than sorry.  If there are a couple splashes, better to get a real bandage on and have soemone drive him if he needs stiches.

      2. What is your second assessment? What are you looking for? 
      Signs of shcok, level of awareness, I would introduce my self ask his name, ask if I could help, ask how this happened and ensure that the hazardous object was somewhere safe.  I then with permission ask to see the wound.

      3. How do you control this scene?
        By remaining calm myself.  By asking talking to the person injured person directly. (Assuming he is not in shock) by showing confidence.  By assigning people to tasks if they get to panicky. 
      okay there's my two cents (she adds meekly)

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