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Re: [E-Chir] Re: 911 calls and chirurgeons

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  • MaryCatharine
    Hi, We don t have them in our response bags We don t have them in our response bags This is because you are not allowed to, by law. You are unauthorized,
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 24 7:53 AM
      "We don't have them in our response bags"
      "We don't have them in our response bags"
      This is because you are not allowed to, by law.
      You are unauthorized, to carry any medications.
       It has nothing to do with whether they work or not but is a matter of training and certification.
       You still need a script to obtain an epi-pen which still makes its administration a controlled medical act. To my knowledge none of the fire departments are signed off by a base hospital to do this. (In Dufferin County)
       If a patient has their own medication, prescribed to them, a fire fighter might help them administer it.
      Our Paramedics in Dufferin County are authorized to carry them.
      Dufferin County has Peel Region there are two levels of Paramedic; Primary Care and Advanced Care.
      Primary Care Paramedics attend school for two years to become certified, they are trained to perform defibrillation, and are authorized to administer 6 symptom relief medications. Primary Care Paramedics are the standard in Ontario, and make up the majority of Paramedic teams in the province.
      Advanced Care Paramedics attend an additional year of school, carry a larger assortment of medications and can perform more procedures. These additional procedures include IV starts, intubation and other advanced airway procedures.
      (We are attached to a Base Hospital here.)
      They try to always pair up a P1 with a P2 here, in Dufferin County and in Peel.
      "......Epi-pens don't always work the way they should (hands on knowledge)."
      This part is sad, and I am truly sorry if it happened, but it should not always be the case...
      Epinephrine has a short "shelf life" of approximately one year.
      If you carry an "Epi-Pen Sr. Or Epi-Pen Jr. ,(0.3 and 0.15 mg epinephrine),
      Please check the exp.  Date on the side of the barrel.
      (we are all human :) and don't always "check the expiration dates:)
      If the epinephrine becomes "cloudy" or turns a yellowish or brown co lour, do not use it.
      (take it back to the pharmacy from where it came to be disposed of properly.)
      There is also the Twinject, auto-injector that provides 2 doses of epinephrine in 1 device.
       (Unfortunately, many people with severe food allergies may need more than one dose of epinephrine if they accidentally eat the food to which they're allergic.)
      (no finger pointing or harsh feelings in this please :D, just clarifying.  Hope it helps.)
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      Date: 10/22/2008 8:04:40 PM
      Subject: Re: [E-Chir] Re: 911 calls and chirurgeons

      Hey all,

      Not always the case.......

      I respond in a rural area.....and even in town......Epi- pens don't always work the way they should (hands on knowledge).

      We don't have them in our response bags,, even though we have 3 campgrounds and 1 golf course in our response area.

      Drake of Timberwolfe/ Godwiesel
      Volunteer Firefighter Grand Valley

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      Subject: [E-Chir] Re: 911 calls and chirurgeons

      Seperate question...
      In the recent issue we where inside a large city with nearby hospitals.
      One person associated with epi-pens (family of someone who uses them) 
      mentioned they get about 20 minutes from epi-pen usage.
      What about the rural events? Im not sure about the time-site for 911.
      Do we get anywhere close to that 20minutes for ambulance arrival?
      911 does have all the training and equipment so even if they arrive at 
      the short end of a timeframe they can..er.. correct the situation.
      Brian the Green
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