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My successor, and elevations w/in the Guild

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  • TSivia
    Greetings all, from TSivia! For those who didn t make it to court for Trilliums: here s a few tidbits from the chirurgeonate. I will remain in office as
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2008
      Greetings all, from TSivia!

      For those who didn't make it to court for Trilliums: here's a few
      from the chirurgeonate.

      I will remain in office as Kingdom Chirurgeon until probably October
      Royalty, myself, and a successor can all be at the same court to
      hand over
      the office. (My summer is pretty hectic.)

      We have new fullly-warranted Chirurgeons, all announced at Court.
      Congratulations to:
      Brian Goodheart
      Gina della Dragoni
      Lerthan Ingen Chormaicc Maicc Morgaind
      Thomas Drake Abernan
      And as well, I did recognize the fact that Lord Edmund de la Haye was
      recently elevated to full Chirurgeon status (with the able aid of

      AND in particular, I would like offer thanks for the years of
      Chirurgeonate service offered to the Society by Baron Garwig der
      Waffenschmidt. He is Ealdormere's first Chirurgeon Emeritus, an
      title for those who have asked to retire from active treatment
      service but
      who the Chirurgeonate still recognizes as a "go to" person for
      advice and
      mentoring. He received a hall-ringing reception from the populace,
      many standing on their feet and cheering. It was my honour and
      to recognize Garwig as an Emeritus, and he is allowed to bear the
      chirurgeonate badge of an Emeritus (which features an owl with a

      There is still lots of room in Ealdormere for more chirurgeons.
      Maybe I
      need someone to translate "boo boo kisers are us" into Lation or

      Still serving Ealdormere where I may, kissing those boo boos!

      *PS: That is not a typo btw: THL Medb ingen Dungaile received her
      this weekend as well. (I was sitting next to her, watched the
      stunned look
      of disbelief and EVERYONE heard the disbelieving "NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
      followed.) Waes Hael to all who received awards at Court!
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