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Re: [E-Chir] Chirurgeon's Picnic THIS WEEKEND at Trillies!

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  • tsivia@uottawa.ca
    Hi Drake! you can give it to me this weekend if you ll be at War of the Trilliums. Otherwise yes, you can either fax it to me : Shelley Rabinovitch
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 25, 2007
      Hi Drake!
      you can give it to me this weekend if you'll be at War of the Trilliums.
      Otherwise yes, you can either fax it to me :
      Shelley Rabinovitch
      Classics/Religious Studies
      U of Ottawa
      (613) 562-5991
      OR email me the report at tsivia@... Either will do.

      Hope to see you on Saturday!

      > Greetings, My mudane life has taken over as well....
      > I have a late CIC Report to give you from "Ealdormere Crown Tourney"
      > ! incident and I have followed up with her since then and all is well.
      > Is it easier to fax you a copy? (at the time i did not have any of the
      > official reports)
      > or just rewrite it out on an e-mail for you?
      > Let me know and sorry for the delay.
      > YIS,
      > Drake Abernan
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      > Subject: [E-Chir] Chirurgeon's Picnic THIS WEEKEND at Trillies!
      > Greetings all, from TSivia!
      > orry if this comes through twice: I'm not sure it went through the
      > ist the first time.
      > My apologies for the lateness of this announcement but as most of
      > ou know, my mundane life trumped my SCA activity for the last
      > ouple of months and so this missed the Tidings.
      > The Second Annual Chirurgeon's Picnic will be held on the Saturday
      > f War of the Trilliums this weekend coming, noon to 2 pm. (The
      > ocation will be well marked, not yet decided upon) It's a pot luck
      > hing, so please do bring some food to share with others. I will
      > upply napkins, plates, etc. etc.
      > This is a chance for Ealdormere's chirurgeons (and any visitors if
      > e have them) to meet and catch up, get to know each other a little
      > etter, along with a chance for anyone interested in chirurgeoning
      > AND/or waterbearing) to drop by and ask questions. Last year was
      > reat fun, and my deputy Fursto did a very enlightening talk on how
      > he 9-1-1 system works from the dispatcher's point of view! YOu
      > on't need to STAY for the entire picnic: swoop by, grab some grub,
      > ay hi, and continue on to other things!
      > IMPORTANT REQUEST: if anyone has a shade-awning or other space we
      > ould borrow for those two hours, we'd be grateful. (Last year Lady
      > eara graciously offered us the shade of her kitchen tent, for which
      > am still VERY appreciative!!)
      > Bring a chair or a blanket, and come enjoy a little social time with
      > aldormere's chirurgeons THIS SATURDAY from noon to 2 pm at War of
      > he Trilliums!
      > In service,
      > Sivia (Kingdom Chirurgeon)
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