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  • MaryCatharine
    Congratulations and Wassail to you, Kim! After watching you, in action, this past summer, It is only right this honour be bestowed upon you. I hope you may
    Message 1 of 4 , Dec 17, 2006
      Congratulations and Wassail to you, Kim!
      After watching you, in action, this past summer,
      It is only right this honour be bestowed upon you.
      I hope you may consider becoming the Society Chirurgeon.
      You do us all proud.
      Yours in health and safety,
      MariaKatharina von Schullenburg/MaryCatharine Adinolfi
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      From: Kim
      Date: 12/16/2006 6:46:52 PM
      Subject: [E-Chir] Fw: [Announcements] FW: Announcement

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      From: "Leslie Luther-Fulton" <janefalada@hotmail. com>
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      Sent: Saturday, December 16, 2006 3:41 PM
      Subject: [Announcements] FW: Announcement

      > Greetings:
      > Due to ongoing health concerns and at her Doctor's recommendation, the
      > Society Chirurgeon, Beth Hart-Carlock, OD (Dame Eleanor Isabeau du Coeur),
      > has retired, effective December 15, 2006. The SCA, Inc. would like to
      > thank Dr. Hart-Carlock for her years of service to the Society in this
      > office, and hopes she continues to work with the chirurgeonate as she
      > may.
      > The Board of Directors has selected an interim Society Chirurgeon, Kim
      > McAuley (Viscountess Kaellyn MacDermott) to serve for a time period not
      > greater than the remainder of Dr. Hart-Carlock' s term of office which
      > ends in April of 2007. The SCA, Inc. thanks Ms. McAuley for this service.
      > The Board of Directors will be choosing, as planned, a new Society
      > Chirurgeon at the January 2007 Board meeting. Applications for that job
      > are due in hardcopy, to the Corporate Office by January 1, 2007.
      > If you have any questions related to this, you may contact the
      > interim President at president@sca. org, or the interim Society
      > Chirurgeon at chirurgeon@sca. org.
      > Very truly yours,
      > Patrick Anderson
      > Interim President, SCA, Inc.
      > Patrick Anderson
      > (Gabriel andvaka Kjotvason)
      > Interim President
      > Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.
      > president@sca. org
      > 952-412-4112
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      > Comments are strongly encouraged and can be sent to: SCA Inc.
      > Box 360789
      > Milpitas, CA 95036
      > You may also email comments@lists. sca.org
      > or reply to this message.
      > This announcement is an official informational release by the Society for
      > Creative Anachronism , Inc. Permission is granted to reproduce this
      > announcement in its entirety in newsletters, websites and electronic
      > mailing lists.
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