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RATTs test clarification info

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  • richard hall
    Ok some points need to be clarified We do not have a time limit on making it across the field we just want to see a range walk with u having a chirurgeon bag
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 15, 2006
      Ok some points need to be clarified
      We do not have a time limit on making it across the field we just want to see a range walk with u having a chirurgeon bag and being able to make it from one side to the other at all.
      And the lifting a bale of hay is resonable as it can be raised with the legs as would be the proper way to do it anyway. Ok, maybe toss is a bad word. 'Move' the haybale a distance is more like what we do.And the toss is only meaning you have to be able to able to move it enough to to send it out of your hand either end over end or in an arc. And we did not say how far it has to go as there is no distance. 
      And the ?s will be about SCA melee rules, chirurgeon policy & how & when to mve certin types of pts.
      Herr Arkell vom Cophus
      GW XVI War Chirurgeon

      richard hall <arkellvomcophus@...> wrote:
      Rapid Assessment & Transport Teams (RATTs):RATTs enter a field of battle, quickly assess, package, and extract an injured fighter. This is a
      physically and mentally challenging area of Chirurgeoning.  Please: if you
      have medical issues that may flare up with heavy activity, don't try this.
      RATT graduates are expected to have their own field gear to include 1st aid bags & groin protection and chest protection for females, and a marshaling staff (in black & yellow or red & white (or yellow for mentor chirurgeons). Tabards will be provided as well as eye protection. 
      You must be (but not limited to):
      a. a warranted chirurgeon & marshal (class for marshal ling will be on the Monday of war week if needed),  and attend the RATT class (which will be Monday of war week right after the marshal ling class), Charting class strongly encouraged
      b. experience at chirurgeoning at melee events or have served as a staff/or crew chief/or point chirurgeon at Gulf Wars or a large war or event(s)
      c. willing to give up at least 6-8 (this includes training) hours of your life at the next Gulf Wars 
      d. able to communicate effectively
      e. able to work with other Gulf War staff effectively
      f. able to be managed as volunteer staff
      g. be attentive to detail
      h. willing to follow through
      i. familiar and in compliance with policies and procedures of the Chirurgeonate
      and Gulf War
      j. available to be at Gulf War XVI
      i. able to pass a test that has a physical component.  To pass, you
      must run the length of GW's melee field, lift and toss a bale of hay, and
      then answer tough oral questions.  NO EXCEPTIONS!  
      If you are interested, please do all of the following:
      1. Send your application to me at chirurgeon@... & RATT One servitazola@ yahoo.com Applications due by 15 JAN 06.

      2. In your application include all of the following:
      a. Your full contact information--name, SCA name, address (include
      city/state/province/zip code), phone, email
      b. Your 'resume'--SCA and mundane.
      c. Your experience in the chirurgeonate.
      d. Your experience with Gulf Wars.

      Herr Arkell vom Cophus, MC
      Gulf War XVI War Chirurgeon
      Please feel free to cross-post this announcement

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