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Needed Chirurgeonate Crew Chiefs for GW XVI

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  • richard hall
    Crew Chiefs-(up to 24 crew Chiefs shifts will be available during GW XVI); The Crew Chiefs are the 1st line supervisors for the Chirurgeon(s)-On-Duty & 2nd
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 13, 2006
      Crew Chiefs-(up to 24 crew Chiefs shifts will be available during GW XVI); The Crew Chiefs are the 1st line supervisors for the Chirurgeon(s)-On-Duty & 2nd line treatment chirurgeons as well as support staff for the Assistant Deputy War Chirurgeon, Chirurgeon Point Coordinator &  the On-Duty-War Chirurgeon. Crew Chiefs will take over supervision of Chirurgeon's Point, Point TX Chirurgeons & Chirurgeon dispatch when Chirurgeon Point Coordinator goes off duty each evening until they come back on duty in the morning. Support of CODs, Point TX Chirurgeons & treatment will always take 1st priority.  Shifts will be 8 hours with 3 in a 24 hour period.
      And as per GW Chirurgeonate policy no one can work more than 2 shifts in a row.
      You must be (but not limited to) (if not all qualifacations met exceptions may be granted on a chirurgeon by chirurgeon basis, this means email us):
      a. a warranted chirurgeon
      b. experienced at CICing a large event(s) or have served as a staff/or crew chief/or point chirurgeon at Gulf Wars or a large war or event(s)
      c. willing to give up at least 8 hours of your life at the next Gulf Wars 
      d. able to communicate effectively
      e. able to work with other Gulf War staff effectively
      f. able to manage a volunteer staff
      g. be attentive to detail
      h. willing to follow through
      i. familiar and in compliance with policies and procedures of the Chirurgeonate
      and Gulf War
      j. available to be at Gulf War XVI
      If you are interested, please do all of the following:
      1. Send your application to me at chirurgeon@...
          Applications due by 01 DEC 06.

      2. In your application include all of the following:
      a. Your full contact information--name, SCA name, address (include
      city/state/province/zip code), phone, email
      b. Your 'resume'--SCA and mundane.
      c. Your experience in the chirurgeonate.
      d. Your experience with Gulf Wars.
      Feel free to cross post
      Herr Arkell vom Cophus
      GW XVI War Chirurgeon

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