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95Re: [E-Chir] Re: EMS and fist aid working together

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  • Kim
    Dec 4, 2006
      Really? Care to share the make and model?


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      > --- In E-Chir@yahoogroups.com, KIM MCAULEY <viscountessk@...> wrote:
      >> Ok, be honest and don't Google... who can say the real name of a BP
      > cuff? And spell it correctly?
      > sphygmomanometer
      > ... and the one I use on myself at home is digital, bulletproof, and
      > way more accurate than anybody needs.
      > But, in 18 years with the Patrol, I've never, ever been trained in the
      > use of a sphygmo, and probably never will. We consider it useful for
      > advanced diagnosis, which is beyond the scope of the care we provide.
      > Vitals are:
      > Airway (patent, partially obstructed, noisy, obstructed, etc)
      > Breathing (regular, irregular, ragged, etc.)
      > Pulse (2 locations present/absent, count, strength, condition, etc.)
      > Level of Consciousness (Glasgow scale)
      > Skin (colour, condition, temperature, etc.)
      > Pupil Response (equal/unequal dilation/response, etc.)
      > Changes in these co-indicate changes in BP (and other things).
      > Our training is directed at cold weather applications, where the
      > rubber of a cuff may become brittle, crack, be unreliable. The above
      > stuff is reliable no matter the temperature.
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