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86Re: [E-Chir] EMS and fist aid working together

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  • Bethoc (Lesley)
    Dec 3, 2006
      (late entering the converstation...)
      Why is it so difficult?

      dabernan@... wrote:
      I'm 1st responder to a 911 call, My basic job is to stabilize and treat to my ability, and if the emergency is beyond my training ....it is to call or wait for "higher care personell"
      why does it sound so much more complicated then that?
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      1) not all first aid responders can control their "eagerness". A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing in the right person. Meaning that some folks think "I can handle it" regardless of whether or not they actually can.
      2) legal legal legal... especially States side.
      3) in an effort to feel vindication for the Chiurgeonate, I think people responded very emotionally, without respecting the privacy of both the persons they were serving (the public) and the persons involved (they deserve their privacy too). In the medical industry, privacy is a BIG issue. And unfortunately some folks took that as inappropriately withholding information.
      4) misunderstanding of responsibilities (which also speaks to point #1).... for example, the Chirugeons *can* do a BP... the question is, as a first aid responder, why do you need to? If the BP is too low, the person faints, if it's too high, there's nothing you can do about it anyways as a first responder and it requires medical intervention (which would only happen at very high BP, at that). But, a couple of the first aid responders I spoke to about it were offended that I should suggest that they not wear their stethoscope and/or not to a BP (besides, in a real emergency, you just need a periferal pulse check and that will tell you a systolic BP....a measurement may just be wasting time)
      5) and yes, there is/was lots of over analysis. It seemed very hard for folks to just let things go and get on with it... especially as they seemed to think that they couldn't "help out" as civilians. I was torn into by two of our American Chiurgeons about who covers the insurance on their CPR/FA card.
      anyways, I'm not trying to be inflammatory. I saw a lot of things which opened my eyes to the "life of litigation", and I saw how emotional people were (both in and outside of the chiurgeonate). I had my own concerns about some of the EMS stuff, but then I also had my own concerns about some of the Chirugeonate stuff.
      It's not the kind of environment that either group can handle independently, and when you have an organisation and an event such as this, (both of which are their own entity) that's why it's not so easy.
      my two cents

      solis sacerdotibus. Ave atque vale.

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