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73RE: [E-Chir] Re: Shawn Reeds FAQ on PW 35 (very long)

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  • S. Rabinovitch
    Nov 30, 2006
      Not that I know of. There's usually some sort of guideline indicated in the
      Pennsic war chirurgeon's handbook, but it's different every year, based on
      the needs/desires of the Chirurgeon In Charge. Correct, Kaellyn?


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      > Thanks for posting this Streonwold - you were ahead of me.
      > So, folks: COMMENTS?
      > TSivia

      As a wee Apprentice Chirugeon....

      Do we have guidelines I can read over about how it normally works when
      we have both Chirugeons and EMS at an event?

      Brian the Green

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