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71RE: [E-Chir] Shawn Reeds FAQ on PW 35 (very long)

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  • S. Rabinovitch
    Nov 30, 2006
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      Thanks for posting this Streonwold - you were ahead of me.

      So, folks: COMMENTS?


      This is verbatim from the FAQ file posted on the Known World
      Chirurgeon's List.

      I've taken the liberty of posting it here, as I don't know if all of
      us subscribe to that *other* list.

      *Concerns Raised by the Chirurgeonate concerning Pennsic 35*

      The Chirurgeonate as a whole has expressed deep concern and distress over
      the events that arose at Pennsic 35. Repeated requests have been made for
      more information about incidents that occurred to trigger the
      suspension of
      Chirurgeonate supervision of First Aid triage and coordination.
      [snipped for brevity]
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