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6Re: Pennsic XXXV legal issues of care in the US

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  • Streonwold Wulfesbana (mka Steve Benetti)
    Sep 12, 2006
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      --- In E-Chir@yahoogroups.com, "Kim" <viscountessk@...> wrote:
      about tempest in teapots

      ... and I agree that the "great triple antibiotic debate" and such
      issues as discussed, ad nauseum, on other lists are minor irritants in
      the grand scheme of things.

      What bothers me the most is how every discussion (on other lists)
      comes down to "experts" debating the legalities and liabilities of
      every issue. It has even got to the ridiculous point where our Board
      of Directors has ruled that our Apprentices, Warranted Chirurgeons and
      Master Chirurgeons be granted new "politically (or perhaps legally)
      correct" titles. When the law (which, after all, Mark Twain said, "Is
      an ass"), or the lawmakers, or the laws' arbiters, can summarily
      change a 40 year old tradition because "Someone might misunderstand"
      it's time to recognize that there are some countries where it's not
      worth putting your ass on the line for a game.

      As for remembering that I am there to do first aid, I always stand
      ready to deliver quality first aid, when it's needed, and within the
      limits of my training and abilities. I'm never far from a first aid
      kit, and can readily improvise when necessary. And that has nothing
      to do with the Chirurgeonate, nor the game that we play that contains
      the Chirurgeonate. First aid is not a game.

      Streonwold (I knew I could start a discussion here)
      "First kill all the lawyers"
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