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444Fwd: [SCA-Chirurgeon] Pennsic 44 War Chirurgeon

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  • Roni Furst
    Aug 11, 2014
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      Greetings all,
      For the inquiring minds…
      I have the honor of following Master Robin Gallowglass from Meridies as the next Pennsic War Chirurgeon.   The Deputy for Event Resources is Lord Martyn de Halliwell from East Kingdom and the Mayor is Baron Illiame Uaine (called Phroug) from Æthelmearc.  Both of these gentlemen are supportive of the Chirurgeonate.  In the coming months,  I will reach out to those that have held this position in the past, and WCs for the other major wars in search of suggestions and guidance.   My desire is to see best practices employed that will provide fulfilling service and quality training opportunities within the unique operational framework. 
      Master Andreas de Caunteton, OP, MC