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440Documentation Retention Policy for Chiurgeons

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  • Roni Furst
    Jun 4, 2013
      Greetings everyone -
      Here's the update from our Society Chiurgeon regarding keeping of records. Please deal with your copies as necessary,
      Also, feel free to ask any questions - I will answer as soon as possible.
      With thanks,
      "Document Retention Policy for the Chirurgeonate:
      All Chirurgeon reports and documents addressing individual injuries or illnesses will be kept at the Kingdom level for 30 years. Electronic copies of these documents are acceptable and will be kept on a separate media (i.e. thumb drive) at the Kingdom level. If electronic copies are maintained, the paper copies may be destroyed by cross shred or burning. Miscellaneous documents, such as supply lists, sign-in sheets and Chirurgeon specific event information will be kept for 10 years at the level in which it was generated.
      Chirurgeons Handbook, January 2004 as Updated March 2007
      IV.5. Filing Reports
      The reports described in Sections IV.1 through IV.4 will be sent to the Kingdom Chirurgeon in a timely manner. All Chirurgeonate reports and records shall be kept by the Kingdom Chirurgeon for a minimum of ten years, or until the 28th birthday of the patient, whichever is later.
      Document Retention Policy, Corporate Records Retention Schedule
      W. First Aid Record
      1. First Aid records (30 years)
      Distribution of Incident Report Forms via Email:
      Incident Report Forms which document an individual injury or illness are NOT to be sent as an email or email attachment. The email systems currently available for public use are not secure; therefore, any kind of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) cannot be distributed via email.
      Current Projects:
      A revision of the Chirurgeons Handbook was last done in 2007. The office of the Society Chirurgeon has continuously addressed this need and we are making progress.  Part of the revision of the Chirurgeons Handbook is a revision of the Incident Report Form. The current form outlines care and information that is not within the standard of care for Chirurgeons as outlined in the Handbook. We hope to have a new version available soon. Until then, continue to use this form omitting any data above basic first aid.  
      Yours In Service,