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425Re: Picnics... And thanks.

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  • rfdivr@aol.com
    Jun 19, 2011
      Mistress Tsivia is right... :)
      I would like to have a chiurgeons picnic this year at Trillies. It would be on Saturday, mid-day (noon, 1pm?).
      For those who are able, your company would be enjoyed; it's a great way to meet fellow first aiders and put faces to names. If you have something that keeps well that you would like to share, it would be welcome.
      I also want to thank everyone who has answered so quickly regarding certs/membership updates. I hope to have a warrented list ready shortly esp. for those attending out of Kingdom events.

      Many thanks again,

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      Our Fearless Leader, Fursto, wrote:

      > For those I haven't met yet, I hope to see you soon - perhaps at the
      > Chiurgeonate picnic at War of the Trillies.

      You haven't officially announced that yet on our list Fursto....<Grin>!

      PS: I snarfled all the extra plastic cutlery, plates, and napkins/wet naps
      for it from Countess Elaina's memorial Saturday night as supplies, with
      Cerdic's blessings. <WEG>

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