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377Re: Ambulance fees

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  • dyscordant_rose
    Jan 27, 2010
      --- In E-Chir@yahoogroups.com, "b1laxson" <b1laxson@...> wrote:
      > Case 1) OHIP covered chirurgeon calls for a non-covered patient.
      > Patient refuses ambulance. Is there a fee and who pays?

      It does not matter if the person who calls 911 is OHIP covered, covered by other insurance or completely uninsured, you will not get charged a bill for calling 911. The ambulance fees only go to the patient and only if there is a transport.

      > Case 2) If I act as a Chirugeon at an event in the states. (Lets say > not Pennsic which has EMT on site anyway). Visiting chirurgeon calls > for EMT but patient refuses. Does the chirugeon get a bill?

      AFAIK, the person calling 911 will not get charged a bill for making the phone call. How the rest of the ambulance billing works however, I don't know and I suspect would be state specific, just as ambulance billing in Canada is different between provinces.

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