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376Re: [E-Chir] Re: Scenario 5

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  • Bethoc (Lesley)
    Jan 23, 2010
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      The only thing I don't like about rattan being an arm splint is the narrow width. Ideally even an improvised one should be wider than the limb.. and considering some of the sizes of our fighters (muscled up and molson muscle both) a rattan sword may not be sufficient. Now, for lower limbs, with one secured to either side of the length of the leg (groin to beyond the foot) that's another matter altogether.
      ps and thanks for the prompt clearing up of OHIP/EMS surcharges! I don't work until later in the week and wouldn't have an answer for the group until then.

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      I liked these reminders.
      > -keep fingertips visible for distal circulation check
      > -NO use of traction.. just spint as you find it. Traction cannot be properly maintained without the use of specialized and expensive equipment
      > -consider if this person is on blood thinners or has a bleeding disorder (internal bleeding may be more severe and/or serious sequelae)
      > -remove rings/watches if any on affected limb

      for limb splints the SCA has a habit of being heavily stocked in 3ft long, 1 1/4" rattan....

      Brian the Green

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