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370splints Re: [E-Chir] Scenario 5

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  • Bethoc (Lesley)
    Jan 23, 2010
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      That's the best part about improvisational first aid - you don't need to be good with commercial splints!
      For long limbs, pick something that won't bend, is wider than the limb and is long enough to stabilize the joint above and below the injury.
      In this case, for a forearm, you could use a piece of wood (the lid of a feast gear box for example), thick carboard (cut up a cardboard box used to carry in food items for the kitchen and make a dual layer so it won't bend), or a hardbacked book (of the larger coffee table variety). Alternatively, just splint the arm to the body by wrapping the person's arm, elevated, against their torso with fabric. Triangular material is great for both creatings slings and longer rectangular shaped wraps to tie stuff up.
      For toes and fingers, "buddy tape" the injured finger to the adjacent non-injured one in the absence of a splint.

      An ambulance is not necessarily warrented for this kind of injury, although they do carry the commercial splints on board, it is unlikely that they will encourage EMS transportation to the hospital.
      Also consider that although we do pay OHIP, there is a "top up" charge for the use of EMS. I think that applies whether or not you transport but I'm not sure. I'll find out. I think it's about $90. A taxi would be cheaper. It's likely a full charge for out of province participants (we used an ambulance for my son in Nova Scotia and got dinged for $600).
      with regards
      who is all for improvisational first aid as long as it works (you should see some of the stuff I've seen..Oi!)
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      Since I chose to call an ambulance I deliberately did not look for a splint.  I'm not highly experienced with splints and slings, just basic training, and I don't need this person to move more than a couple of feet before the experts come.  Therefore, the experts can decide if he needs a splint for the ride to the hospital, and deal with it if they do.
      If opting for personal transport, I'd probably look at a simple sling and splint.

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