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366Re: Scenario 5

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  • b1laxson
    Jan 20, 2010
      Scenario 5 response from Brian Goodheart, the Green Guy

      Well being as Green Guy is also a Marshall I would be pointing out that he had lost the arm in the battle. ^_^ Unless he parried the haft of a weapon.. perhaps a polearm haft. Nice 7 ½ ft of swinging goodness could have an impact 5ft up that wasn't where the weapons "head" was. So yeah… he could do that and not "lose" the arm. Still not a good idea.

      Check, Call, Care. #1 Check.
      I would first want to check that we are during the assessment safely away from the fighting. Also possibly someone watching over the fighting for us.

      The assessment of the arm already reflects signficant internal damage. He is talking so ABC are in good order.

      As a Chirugeon noting a fighter having a majory injury I do not have the authority to stop them fighting. If they dont take the recommendation you can advise a Marshall you CAN make them stop.

      Being both a chiruregon and a Marshall Im a one stop shop for this one.

      Marshall of Armored aka Heavy combat. Rapier marshal would be needed if this was a fencing matter.

      With that bit of SCA delegation of duties mentioned....

      Check, Call, Care. #2 Call.
      As a first aider I believe he needs advanced medical care. I recommend that he either get a ride to a hospital or we call 911 for an ambulance transport. He will not be able to drive himself in this shape. Even if he thinks he currently can there is worse affects building in that arm. Maybe the bones are grinding against each other but later slip off ripping into the muscles.

      If we do have a vehicle, such as my own, I probably might leave out calling 911. Though… really could call them and tell them we are arranging for hospital transport. (I'd like to here from you others on this).

      As 911 is being called I will be trying to take notes (mentally if no paper around). This will be used for reporting within 24 hours to the Kingdom Chirugeon should emergency services come to the site. In this scenario there is a good chance someone at the fight practice (or myself) will use a PoV (personnaly owned vehicle) to transport them.

      On using a PoV remember to point out that the drive is acting as a regular mundane person and not performing an SCA function.

      Check, Call, Care. #3 Care.
      I do keep in my large first aid box in the van one of those mesh splints. I will offer to use it.

      We also need to see about getting him out of his armor while we arrange transport. This brings up another bit of SCA Chirugery lore... medically removing armor.

      There are discussions/documents with more detail. This is a summary:

      Generally on armor removal:
      1) if they can take their own armor off… let them
      2) ask their friends/canton mates/household to assist as they likely have seen the armor coming on and off before
      3) if those aren't around then another fighter or Marshal can often give you tips on how the armor works
      4) The armor may actually be stabilizing an injury
      5) Get permission before cutting (implied if they are unconscious)
      6) If you cut, cut straps. (much easier to repair)

      Arrangements also need to be made to transport or store his gear. Usually what ever vehicle he came in can store the gear. Even if he can't drive his own car he can lock his armor up in the trunk.
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