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364Scenario 5

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  • Ninka
    Jan 19, 2010
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      You're spending the afternoon at your local fight practice. It's been a good fighting day with a fair number of fighters out happily hitting each other with sticks. While watching one of the fights you (and everyone else around you) notices that one of the newer fighters ends up blocking a shot with his forearm and he is not wearing vambraces. At first it doesn't seem as if there is a problem as the fighter actually throws a couple more shots before he notices something is wrong. Knowing that you are at the practice the fighter and a couple of his buddies walk over to you. You see that the injured fighter is cradling his left arm to his body and while he looks a bit pale he is gracefully accepting the razzing that his friends are giving him for actually trying to block a shot with his arm, not his sword or his shield. He sits down in a chair as he gets to you. On exam you notice that his left forearm is bruised, deformed and starting to swell. There is no bleeding or broken skin noted. He tells you that it feels like his bones are grinding together and that it hurts. A lot. He can move his fingers though it does increase his pain somewhat. He is not complaining of any numbness or tingling and his fingers are warm and pink below the injury site.

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