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360Re: Scenario 4

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  • b1laxson
    Dec 23, 2009
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      While reading it definitely starting have the "heart attack" flag go up.

      Its been pointed out though it could be many other things.

      From experience as a First Aider/Chirurgeon it is particularily awkward when the 1st Aider feels there is a potentially fatal situation developing.

      Arranging for transport by paramedics is the way to go. It was particularily frightening having a possible fatality in a POV (personally owned vehicle). Its been a mental shift to be thinking "get them medical care" instead of "to the hospital". Alot can happen on the road which the paramedics can deal with.

      It is though very frustrating when the person goes "no no, don't call". Guidance has been to favor calling 911 to have them encourage the patient. Also, as someone else has already reminded us when they pass out "implied consent" comes into affect.

      Brian the Green
      1st aider
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