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352On using personally owned vehicle - POV

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  • b1laxson
    Dec 9, 2009
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      Wanted to bring up something about moving patients.

      That it is my understanding from Tsivia the prior Kingdom Chirugeon that when moving someone in a POV to make it clear its being done privately and not as a Chirugeon. The SCA Insurance doesn't cover the matter and most of us don't have the real certificates for patient transport. (For those who do I don't understand all their details as Im not one).

      You can do it, just make sure they are aware its a POV not an SCA-Vehicle.

      Things to remember when doing it:

      - Know where you are going...
      - Know where to get in... the emergency entrance by the ambulances and not the regular front door
      - Good for a patient's friend to know where the patient is going
      - The patient (and you) might be leaving stuff (like mundane clothes) at the event
      - Be sure the patient has their health card, medications and critical matters.
      - A third person is a good idea to keep an eye on the patient while the driver drives
      - Underage patients need parental/guardian permission who probably are better ones to do the transit anyway

      If it is life threatening its best to have an ambulance doing the transit as the medics have training and supplies to deal with things.

      Brian the Green
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