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350Re: Scenario 3

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  • b1laxson
    Dec 7, 2009
      --- In E-Chir@yahoogroups.com, Jackie Wyatt <jkwyatt@...> wrote:
      > >I'd like ideas on getting appropriate light for reviewing the injuries.
      > I have a Coleman lantern that is run on batteries and has more of a white light- something like that would make viewing the injuries easier than with a standard flashlight (for that matter, I think one of my flashlights is an LED one as well).

      A good question and answer.

      Most probably know that LED lights cast a blue-tinged light which will affect the colours your see. LED ones can cast alot more light as they consume far less power so are generally made with dozens of emittors.

      Hmmm... dont carry a flashlight in the chirugeon belt pouch but I do have one in another belt pouch. Had enough of having fun at camping events only to realize I was well away from my camp when it was dark.

      Brian the Green
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