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323follow up and next scenario coming soon/request for certs

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  • Ninka
    Mar 23, 2009
      Greetings everyone,

      I'm just letting you know that the scenario 2 follow up and the next scenario will be along shortly. I apologize for the lack of response on my end. I've been a bit tied up in the Skraeling Baronial selection process as well as dealing with some outside of SCA stuff that has taken up the majority of my time.

      On a different note;

      I am still looking for certs from people. I am hoping to present a warrant list for signing at the upcoming Coronation.

      If you have not already sent this info to me what I am looking for is;

      SCA name
      mundane name
      first aid type (SFA, EFA) *and* expiry (or other applicable licence)
      CPR expiry
      SCA membership number *and* expiry
      chirugeon status (CiT, Chirugeon or Mentor)

      Thank you for you help and your patience.

      In service,

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