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292Scenario One wrap-up and cert request

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  • Ninka
    Feb 2, 2009
      Greetings everyone,
      First off; well done on the scenario. You were right, it was just a simple twisted ankle/mild sprain and you all made good treatment decisions. The scenario generated some good discussion as well which is what I was hoping for.  I hope that you all took something from it as well.
      A couple of things to remember;
      1) Once you've done your first assessment and determined that there is no life-threat to treat, take a look at your environment and make a decision about treating there or somewhere else. In this case, further assessment and treatment could have easily been done in a shaded area. Its better for your brain (no need to bake it if you don't have too) and its more comfortable for the patient - especially if they've already been exerting themselves in the heat and sun.
      2) Don't make things bigger than they are. Informing the autocrat about a twisted ankle really isn't necessary. Be prepared to inform them if the incident requiries EMS intervention but the autocrat doesn't usually need to be informed of every minor incident. Someone had the good idea of marking the hole that the casualty stepped into. Excellent plan and that's something you could mention to the marshals as it is a safety concern on their field. If its in a general field, conferring with the autocrat and mentioning that you'd like to mark the hole as its already caused one injury is something to consider.
      The next scenario will be forthcoming. The set up is going to be similar though this time I will be feeding information in stages. For example; the first post will provide some initial information and some questions. The second post will provide some follow-up information and some further questions. Depending on the scenario and the discussions there may or may not be a third post.
      If anyone has any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me.
      As well, a reminder to everyone to get me your information so I can get some files in order.
      I am looking for the following information on each of you;
      Mundane name
      chirugeon level (i.e. CiT, Chirugeon, Mentor)
      level of certification and exp date (or issue date)
      CPR exp date (or issue date)
      SCA membership number & exp date
      If your certs are close to expirying send me the info anyway.
      If you know of a chirugeon who is not on this list, please forward this request to them so I can get them on file as well.
      In service,

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