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  • b1laxson
    Feb 1, 2009
      At 12th night just past I showed the mini-kit to Mary Chatherine and
      Xristina our Kingdom Chirugeon.

      Both where favorably impressed with the belt pouch. I believe this
      one of Tsivia's ideas.

      One comment on the loading was that a tensor bandage isn't
      an 'emergency' item. The sprains you would use it on will swell for
      several hours. After several hours you could use a tension bandage.
      That would put it as something to have in your main kit.

      Instead the treatment of sprains is based on RICE, [Rest, Ice,
      Compression and Elevation]. What you could use is sandwhich bags.
      These would be filled with ice from the fridge (indoor event), sluch
      from a cooler (outdoor summer event) or snow (or outdoor winter

      So this makes my recommendation for the mini-kit list as:
      = cpr mask
      = vinyl gloves
      = 1 or 2 sterile gauze pads (3x3 or 4x4)
      = bandages, assorted
      = antiseptic wipes

      The pouch continues to be very easy to carry. Doesn't intefere with
      your comings and goings. Xristina commented she had seen the pouch
      me during the day but it was so discreet she didn't realize it had
      those things in it.

      Overall... well done to those who made these belt pouches.
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