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277Re: [E-Chir] Ready Sheet

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  • Keith Crawley
    Jan 11, 2009
      Actually the Plan I was involved in putting together was more. It included emergency plans for most levels of events including such things as a contact/to do lists etc. for SCA and Mundane notifications etc. (911 et all) as mentioned in the Ready List ideas. It even included the idea of some pre contact with local mundane authorities to advise them that they were going to have an additional (???) number of people living in their coverage area for X number of days, who were are, what we do and where we would be located etc. and some contact info shared on both sides should the need arise.
      It included use of such things as the Chivalry as a Brute squad for any heavy efforts needed (moving emergency supplies, victims etc.) and for crowd control etc. The heralds in a trained or at least pre notified manner of internal communications. Laurels/Pelicans looking after the needs in a supporting role of the rest of the folks doing the rescue/treatment and other work. Chirurgeons of course doing the boo boo mending and beyond as needed. and the general populace being culled for needed skills etc. and put to work according to these skill sets or moved out of the way to a safe spot if needed.
      It was a large scale document that may have gone well beyond what any of us think could ever be needed in Ealdormere but it covered all the bases. I think the liability issues raised were more akin to what if the system failed and someone came along and said .."hey I suffered an injury, loss etc. because instead of taking care of my needs like this plan says someone did something else or nothing at all".
      All in all I like the sounds of these ready sheets etc. and a small scale internal preparedness among the Chirurgeonate that we can just use if needed without anyone having rubber stamped it or even knowing it exists in some cases. Like all things in the SCA with the vast skill sets and kinds of people we are, if a major emergency did hit, we would probably dig in, be picking up the pieces and ready to help the mundane world long before they could spare the resources to help us.   




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