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276Ready Sheet

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  • b1laxson
    Jan 10, 2009
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      There has been considerable talk in the "Scenario One" thread about
      the Ready Sheet/Action Plan.

      Just starting a seperately named thread for what has become a large

      Some quick summaries:
      = Many of us support this sort of idea
      = Having it places like Troll is also good
      = There is questions of what to put into it
      = Percival remembered this sort of thing was declined due to
      possible liabilities.

      On the liability I would suggest we focus more on the "Ready Sheet"
      rather then how to treat patients. The "how to treat" could indeed
      get us into trouble. That sort of thing is what the first aid (and
      higher) training is for. That would include multiple aiders

      I believe first aid recommends making a list of information so its
      not likely to be something the Kingdom could be sued for.

      I used to do alot of forms as a Quality Manager for a manufacturing
      company. If you need someone to work together the layout of the form
      I can assist you. Those above me in the Chirugeon-ry just need to
      tell me what to put into it.

      (Tip: Excel setting all columns to a width of 2 characters becomes a
      text layout tool.)
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