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275EMT Readiness (was Re: Scenario One)

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  • b1laxson
    Jan 10, 2009
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      > Does anyone have any ideas of how and when, we as chirugeon's
      > put such an action plan in place? An action plan being defined as

      Borrowing from my current Security work every guard in my staff may
      be the one alone in the emergency. So I quiz them without warning on
      the matter.

      The content of what-to-do needs to be available without notice...
      becuase the emergencies happen without notice.

      At the very least we should get in the habit of having troll or the
      bar (common reference points) having print out of the action plan
      available. I feel this would include:
      = at least one chirugeon present/expected
      = who-has/where-is a phone,
      = contact info for the Autocrat
      = contact info for the Kingdom Chirugeon (24 hours of a medical
      = directions >TO< the site (needed for 911 calls)

      debating on:
      = directions to the nearest hospital,
      (which you can probably get from the 911 or find out from the
      ambulance which one they happen to be going to.. which isnt always
      the nearest one)

      For the SCA, crowd control is a common activity for us... we
      configure halls, we martial fighting, we martial archery, we
      organize dancing... we have internal ranks of
      Laurel/Pelican/Knights... and even a King that might be there to get
      the crowd control done.

      This print out could be made up as a form and a recommended item for
      the event autocrats.
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