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  • Ninka
    Jan 9, 2009
      These answers were sent to me privately with permission to post to the list.



      1. What kind of things should you be thinking about at this point?
      I would expect anything but think of the possible injuries from a string or bow breaking

      2. What do you think should be in your basic first aid kit?
      My kit contains bandages from band aids to shell dressings, gloves, masks, blankets and anything else I thought I might need (even 3 two-way radios)

      3. As you get closer to the scene, what should you be looking for?
      After being told about the hole, I would be looking for it (how big/how deep) so I can tell the autocrat and ask someone to fill it in, and so I don't step in it myself.

      4. Once you are at the casualty, what's the first thing you should assess? How would you do that?
      A - talking
      B - talking
      C - no blood in evidence but will check foot for colour and temperature during exam
      Person is awake and aware.  Watch for signs of shock.
      Check and ask about any fall injuries (wrist, hand, knees)

      5. What do you believe has happened to the casualty? How would you determine that?
      Possible twisted ankle. Check range of motion, check for hot areas, check colour.
      If anything appears more serious have person see a doctor asap, if not, have person see doctor as soon as convenient.

      6. What kind of treatment would you give?
      Move into shade, make as comfortable as possible, use cold pack.
      Check back, if anything worsens (pain, movement, colour) have person see doctor asap.

      Not asked for:
      Inform Autocrat, fill out paperwork and pass to you (if you are there, call if you are not),
      follow up with e-mail w/attached forms when possible. Check back to make sure if hole is filled.

      I agree with the principle of "No Surprises", and a paper trail.

      From Xristina:
      Good call on moving the person to the shade. Once you've established that there is no life-threatening injury to deal with immediately taking a look around and (providing that you can move the casualty) moving out of the sun to perform your treatment is a good idea.

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