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260Re: [E-Chir] Re: Scenario One

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  • Keith Crawley
    Jan 6, 2009
      On the subject of a Kingdom Plan, Way back in the days of Aisilines tenure as Kingdom Chirurgeon I was fairly new to the SCA but because of my professional as well as voluntary experiences (9-1-1 dispatcher, Red Cross Emergency Services Manager {sat on the committee that developed Halton Regions Emergency Response Plan}, Scouts Canada Emergency Services Provider) was very loosely involved as a chirurgeon. During this time Aisiline attended an SCA gathering (not sure if it was a Known World Chirurgeons meeting or something else) and out of this came ideas for Emergency Response planning for major events. While the details escape me at this time I do recall that all major War Events and several Kingdoms had them, were working on them or at least had looked into it. Aisiline asked me to have input into an Emergency plan for Ealdormere and particularly our larger camping type events. Once this plan was put together Aisiline presented it to the Privy Council of the day. Once again I do not know what the exact wording of their response was but the way it came down to us in common language was the Kingdom was not interested and their reasoning were based upon Plausible Deniability. They basically said, if we have an official or formal plan and it fails in some way we (Ealdormere or the SCA) could be held liable, however if there is no plan and we do what we are trained to do under standard first aid training protocols etc. the Kingdom cant be held liable for our failings. 
      I don't know if Aisiline still has any of the info or plans we worked on at the time but perhaps a re thinking of this issue and a better job of selling it to Privy Council may be due? I realize this was a "major emergency" type plan but perhaps incorporating smaller response planning as mentioned (3 people plan as mentioned etc.) into such an over all plan may work?
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      Subject: Re: [E-Chir] Re: Scenario One

      Xristina wrote:
      > Does anyone have any ideas of how and when, we as chirugeon's should
      put such an action plan in place? An action plan being defined as a
      series of pre-planned events/groups of people to help make an
      emergency situation run as efficiently as possible. I usually teach
      an action plan as consisting of three people; person in charge
      (person actually doing the casualty care/first aid); call person
      (person making sure that 911 is called/alerting the autocrat); scene
      person (crowd control/EMS direction/etc) . Any ideas on how this can
      be incorporated into our events? Would it be different for day events
      and large camping events?

      As we've been informed by Fursto at the Chi picnics, there are THREE
      distinct addresses for the site at which Trillies is held, for one thing.
      I'd suggest that it's prudent practice for there to be an EXACT street
      address at EVERY check-in in case one of our more elderly members suddenly
      has a heart attack...

      Maybe it's time to come up with a structured action plan for Ealdormere
      events? (which of course, other Kingdoms could use if they so choose...)
      WOuldn't hurt to train folks on how to guide EMS into a remote site, for
      instance. If you haven't worked a Pennsic or Estrella you've probably
      never run into that one...


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